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DGTL MKRS are innovators for event business. Specialized on consulting, solutions and tools for B2B events services we simplify and automate event organization and execution processes.

We are a small group of highly motivated people.

We build a new team in Bulgaria and work close to our german partners.


Take part in starting an interesting journey by facilitating backoffice and B2B processes for event companies!


We offer lean services and consultancy based on low-code and no-code tools to digitize your individual workflow. Lowermost costs in combination with rapid results are our outcome.
Of course we may also develop complex mobile apps, webapps and other services – only if necessary.

our principles

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Do our values match?


We are hiring!

Junior Frontend Developer
Soft Skills
  • Very good German or English language knowledge
  • Self-responsible approach to assess solutions
  • Capability to consult event businesses to automate processes with low-code solutions
  • Basic knowledge of agile methodologies and will to get an agile enthuiast
  • Motivation to take responsibilities in a growing team
  • Outstanding will for developing skills, knowledge and responsibilities
IT experience

This is our fantastic wishlist of it skills you provide. You don’t need to bring them all.

  • 2y+ experience in developing frontend solutions with Javascript and frameworks
  • Experience or at least will to use low-code tools fast
  • Experience working with Flutter, React and/or Angular frameworks
  • Experience in developing single page web applications
  • Experience in using APIs
  • Knowledge in using databases
  • Ability to assure the quality of the frontend with the help of testing frameworks